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Mark of Excellence, Artistic Audacity, Akko International Fringe Theater Festival 2013.

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"The River is Everywhere" Herman Hesse

The boat of the dead sailed down the river Styx to the depths of Sheol.
Back and forth, back and forth.

A rare opportunity to join a horror journey through voids in Greek tragedies. These are voids of horror images that have always remained off-stage and are now given visual expression for the first time.

At Offstage, these images are scattered along the river of death, trapped in it forever. Today they are already part of the modern existential tragedy, more relevant and disturbing than ever.




*Photo: Sigal Segev Image Processing: Zohar Ron

Premiere || 2013 Akko International Fringe Theater Festival , was staged until 2018 at Jaffa Theater  

Creator ||  Ran Bechor and Roi Hertz-Rosso

Actor-creators || Lelia Gormezano, Roi Hertz Rosso, Netai Yoren, Aviv Levy, Uri Levin, Samira Serrieh, Dror Kedem, Lital Nimrod, Alit Kreiz, Yara Jerrar, Nihad Rada, Levi Guli Matos
Recorded actors ||  Eitan Carmeli, Avital Tedhar, Pol Memran, Sharon Rosenbaum, Daniel Blinki, Amit Reis, Uri Gav, Tomer Lev Tov, Dana Yitzhaki, Tamar Segal
Space design || Hamda Natan and Chamutal Tsiolkovsky
Costume design ||Hamutal Tsiolkovsky
Original music || Anastasia Sadomski
Assistant director || Yael Katzman
Production || Ronit Shtershnov and Dana Katz
Lighting designer || Guy Galilee
Public relations || Aviva Zimmerman
Sound || Binya Rekhes

Photography || Yohan Segev 

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“Akko Fringe Theater Festival was created for shows like 'Offstage’. It is its reason and it's motivator. It's not only the uncompromising idea or its flawless execution, nor the attention to the small details (and there are quite a few details in the event), that culminated to the peak of this theatrical event”.

Ynet, Merav Yudilovitch

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