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Bechor, a former fellow of the Mandel school for educational leadership, holds a B.A in Philosophy & Theater, an M.A in Sociology & Anthropology, from Tel Aviv University. Behor was appointed a lecturer at the department of social studies. Bechor taught gifted children and youth at risk, university students and adults in night classes, Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs, those who are religious and those who are secular, all from a wide variety of social-economic backgrounds. 

…“My students have taught me so much and showed me many different sides of the educational process. As a result, I have developed a diverse array of teaching and pedagogical strategies. In recent years, I have articulated five elements that are common to all these experiences, and results in effective pedagogy: Knowledge and Understanding, Differentiated Instruction, Skills, Interaction, and Process.


Modern Hebrew Preceptor: Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations - Harvard University 

The Modern Hebrew language and Culture Study program at the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (NELC) at Harvard University comprises of diverse courses across different Hebrew proficiency levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Bechor teaches all levels of these courses. He employs a diverse range of teaching methods, among techniques derived from theater and the arts.

Head of School Ofek -
Center for the gifted in Jerusalem. 

Ofek is the regional center in Jerusalem for study and enrichment, creation and research, for gifted kids in elementary and middle school. It serves as a merit based center for students who excel in their studies. The center is a "place for thought" where students come weekly to a unique study program. As a central part of Bechor’s mission, he established a successful program that made regular, in-depth conversations with students and teachers routine. Using these conversations as a base, Bechor created individualized study plans for each of the 1400 students to make sure that every student’s needs were consistently reviewed, addressed and met.

  *Photos of OFEK courtesy of architects Chen Steinberg Navon,Ayelet Fisher

עותק של IMG_6693.jpg
One stage school. Two Languages. One place.

'One stage | Two Languages. One place ' - The school was established in Jaffa for learning Arabic through theater. Its goal was to increase the number of Jews who speak Arabic in the State of Israel; it had about 200 students, ranging from ages 6 to 90.

Learning language through acting requires students to master text, understand its social context, and express its ideas by performing in front of strangers. The program continues to this day, with the pedagogical approach Bechor created. 

Hof HaSharon, Shefayim, High School

Head of the Theater Department 7th to 12th grade section: Theoretical theater and practical theater. As part of managing the department, every year we produced between 3-5 full theater productions, in addition to evenings of student dialogues and monologues.

The department focused on contemporary adaptations of classic works, emphasizing performance art, site-specific theater, a combination of autobiographical work, and bodywork.

לוגו באנגלית.bmp
Shout Theater, Jaffa

Shout Theater a community activist theater for Jewish-Arab teenagers. The theater opened in 2009 in Jaffa, with support of the City of Tel-Aviv - Jaffa. The school targeted at-risk youth groups from Holon and Ramat Hasharon in collaboration with 'Youth Engagement' departments in these municipalities. The theater developed a unique methodology in cooperation with the 'Tel-Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis' - where it integrated a psychoanalyst in each group, who observed the meetings, and at the end of each meeting provided therapeutic sessions to the facilitators. Shout theater produced four theater productions for the Jaffa community, took part in community theater festivals, it performed in front of diverse audiences. 

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