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Ran Bechor photo by Olga Ostrovsky

Ran Bechor, artistic director, Hebrew playwright, and theater director. 

Ran Bechor’s career spans across theater, television, film, and education. Bechor's work revolves around three intertwining cornerstones of theater, philosophy & education. His theatrical works deal with theological and political questions. A former head of school for the gifted in Jerusalem, today Bechor teaches culture and the Hebrew language at Harvard.


An award winning playwright and director, Bechor recently established a children's theater in the Boston area with the belief that children deserve their own theater.  Adam Theater, a theater that asks questions at children’s  eye-level, and deals with essential questions about a child's life.  As a child is not just a small person, it is an individual who has its’ own pursuits, questions, and interests outside the world of adults.

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